The International Federation of Match Poker (IFMP) is the governing body of sports poker, promoting poker with its Match Poker™ format as a skill game and a mind sport. Having evolved from its original seven member nations to more than 60 federations, IFMP is now the hub for a thriving world poker community.

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Match Poker is a team sport where the luck element in conventional poker via the “random draw of cards” has been removed. Far from being another poker ‘variation’ to sit alongside Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Stud etc. it is in fact a revolutionary approach for how any of these variations can be structured into meaningful and sporting competition through a more skill based format.

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The world’s first professional Match Poker league took place in Mumbai in November 2017 with 7 teams competing for a prize pool of over $500,000, and the winning team representing Team India at the Nations Cup.

After a successful inaugural season, the league grew from 7 to 10 teams for season 2 which was played in Kolkata in March and saw the debuting Haryana Hawks become Champions.

Season 3 begins 8th August - for more details click the link below.

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Match Poker was devised by the International Federation of Match Poker to reduce the element of luck inherent in traditional forms of poker, ensuring that it is a contest based on players’ skill and conforms to the accepted definition of a sport.

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